Welcome to Casa Aconchego do Sol!

Welcome to Casa Aconchego do Sol!

Coziness, tranquility, sustainability, well-being, sunset, unique view, tranquility, wood stove, shower ... Imagine all this in the middle of nature and available anytime !!

Casa Aconchego do Sol was prepared to receive your family and friends in two suites with 05 beds, wood and gas stove, cold shower in the external area, hammocks in the internal and external areas, recycled tables in the shade and the setting sun, barbecue, full kitchen, pillows and blankets.

The community is very calm and careful, so it is important not to bring alcoholic beverages to the waterfalls, food and other items that can pollute nature and / or invade people's privacy.

Sustainable practices / valuing local culture

Aconchego do Sol prioritizes sustainable practices and values ​​local culture, and in every corner of the house this can be seen.

Our chairs and tables are made from recycled tires and wood. On the walls, windows, mirrors and on the wood stove, harmonized mosaics with remains of mirrors, tiles and colored porcelain tiles. The external painting of the house is made with raw material from nature in a controlled manner (vegetable soil, aloe vera and white glue). The eitão (wall between the door and the roof) is made with vegetal earth, bottles and recycled glass, which give a whole charm to the decoration and luminosity, and which are in harmony with the concept of home sustainability.

In construction everything was reused - not even a bucket of rubbish was removed. In addition, the septic tank has a biodigester that reduces pollutants by more than 60%, the treated sewage has no contact with the soil and does not require a clean pit truck, all sewage being treated and disposed of in its own container.