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Waterfalls and tours

Experiences: Craft Shop, Candy House, Marcos Guião Teas, Dona Nivalda's Garden and Horta Funivale.

Casa de Doces: (In 1920, an attempt was made to install a factory on the site for wine production, as there were already several vineyards planted in the mountains. The factory did not prosper, but it left the legacy to its population, which still produces homemade wines, as well as sweets and cheeses of various types.)

Marcos Guião teas: (The tea line consists of medicinal species indicated to promote health. All teas are produced or collected by the team, mainly in the region of São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras, Serro (MG). The collection of medicinal plants native plants strictly obeys the “Good Practices of Sustainable Management.” The selection and processing follows a pattern that aims to optimize the conservation of its medicinal properties. The plants are dehydrated almost entirely using “solar drying” using simple technology and adapted equipment. the local reality.

Throughout this learning path with medicinal and aromatic plants, free access to activities and knowledge is shared through the Medicinal Plants experiential courses, which take place periodically.)

 Horta Funivale: (The São Gonçalo do Rio das Pedras Agroecological Garden Unit is one of the activities of Funivale's Terra Mãe Project. In its rhythm, families take care of spaces and food and nutritional security - a model organic cultivation garden works, without use of fertilizers or chemical pesticides. Currently, 12 families work and produce for their subsistence, enriching their traditional way of eating and offering the surplus as a source of extra income.)